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How to Tell When a Leo Man Is Done With You

when a leo man is done with you

Leo is the lion of the zodiac, and relationships with Leo men are often exciting and intense.

Understanding when a Leo man is done with you can be difficult. Leo men are known for their passionate and confident approach to relationships, yet, there comes a time when their enthusiasm might wane, signalling a shift in their feelings.

In this article, we’ll explore the signs that might indicate when a Leo man is done with you, and has checked out of the relationship.

Deciphering these signals is crucial in recognizing when a Leo man’s interest might be fading.

We’ll delve into the subtle cues and behaviours that could suggest a Leo man is considering moving on, providing insights to help you navigate this phase of the relationship with clarity.

Of course, the best course of action if your Leo guy does display any of the behaviours on this list is to communicate with him.

There could be other things going on in his life that are demanding his attention or time, and causing him to act differently.

However, if he checks most of the boxes on this list, he may be pulling away from the relationship, and you’ll need to address your concerns with him.

Here are 12 ways to tell when a Leo man is done with you.


when a leo man is done with you

12 Ways to Tell When a Leo Man Is Done With You

The Leo man in a relationship

In relationships, Leo men often radiate confidence and passion.

Their personality traits include being fiercely loyal and generous to those they care about, showering affection and attention on their partners. Their charismatic nature makes them natural leaders, but at times, this confidence can verge into dominance.

Leo men thrive on admiration and validation, craving the spotlight and seeking appreciation from their partners.

While they can be devoted and protective, they might struggle with vulnerability, preferring to maintain a strong, composed façade.

Their enthusiasm and warmth can light up a relationship, but their need for attention and admiration might require consistent acknowledgment to keep the flame burning bright.

12 ways to tell when a Leo man is done with you

1. He pulls back emotionally

You both used to spend quality time together, laughing and enjoying each other’s company like lifelong friends.

Now, it feels like he’d rather be anywhere else but by your side. He still talks, but he’s quieter, and more aloof than usual.

When a Leo man isn’t content in a relationship anymore, you’ll notice a shift in his demeanour. He might shut down completely and stop texting you, when in the past, he would check in multiple times a day and find any excuse to talk to you.

Time apart doesn’t seem to bother him – in fact, he barely seems to notice!

Leos, known for their charm and warmth, tend to light up any room they enter, exuding the vibrant energy of the sun. However, when that warmth fades, it might indicate when a Leo man is done with you.

2. He embarrasses you

When a Leo man feels the relationship slipping away, he might resort to passive-aggressive behaviour, aiming to unsettle or embarrass you.

If he’s reached the point of being done, he might resort to hurtful actions, perhaps criticizing or revealing private information to create a distance between you.

Leo men are sensitive to their public image, so if they embarrass you intentionally, it’s a clear indication of his disinterest in continuing the relationship.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s crucial to uphold your self-respect. Refuse to tolerate mistreatment or public humiliation. Communicate your boundaries firmly and let him see that such behaviour won’t be accepted in a healthy relationship. If attempts to make him feel bad for hurting you don’t evoke remorse, it might signify that he’s moved on and is no longer emotionally invested in the relationship.

3. He feels insulted

If your once laid back Leo man starts becoming very easily offended, it could signify a shift in his feelings towards you.

Leo men need to feel appreciated at all times, and they love to be the centre of attention. If your Leo man doesn’t feel appreciated or seen by you, he may well look elsewhere for the validation he feels he deserves – these big cats like to have their egos stroked!

Likewise, if he feels insulted or humiliated by you, he may pull away entirely. A Leo man is unlikely to remain in a relationship where he feels as though he isn’t good enough.

4. The affection is gone

In the early days of your relationship, he showered you with affection, compliments, and romantic gestures, but now he barely remembers to ask how your day has been!

Passionate Leo men are incredibly affectionate when they are happy in their relationships, and if that affection suddenly disappears, it’s a huge indication that something is wrong.

5. He stops having fun

Leos are typically outgoing and thrive on excitement and adventure.

If you notice a shift in his enthusiasm or he appears disinterested in spending time together, it might signal that he’s re-evaluating the relationship. When he consistently turns down your suggestions for outings or activities, citing busyness or other plans, it could indicate a growing distance.

A Leo’s love for fun and zest for life usually shines through in everything they do, so if you find him consistently avoiding enjoyable activities with you, it’s worth addressing directly.

Confronting him about the change and asking if he’s still invested in the relationship might bring clarity. At this point, honesty is crucial, and if he’s truly disengaged, he might admit to losing interest.

A Leo man’s reluctance to partake in enjoyable activities, particularly when it becomes a pattern, can signify a deeper disconnect. While occasional refusals may not raise alarms, a consistent avoidance of fun experiences could signal when a Leo man is done with you.

6. He no longer makes an effort

As well as pulling back in terms of affection, your Leo man may stop making an effort in other areas of the relationship as well.

Maybe he stops dressing up for you, or is no longer interested in planning romantic dates or cooking nice dinners together.

Perhaps he forgets to ask you about topics that he knows are important to you, and seems not to care if you’re upset or stressed out about something.

When a Leo man has checked out of the relationship, they stop seeing you as their priority, and begin to see themselves as a priority.

7. He used to get jealous, but now he doesn’t

Passionate Leo men are prone to jealousy, because they’re so afraid of losing you.

They may act overprotective, or ask a tonne of questions about your guy friends or male colleagues.

If this suddenly stops and he doesn’t seem to care about your feelings towards other guys, it could be a sign that he’s over the relationship.

8. He doesn’t feel intellectually stimulated

Leo men love to be intellectually stimulated, and if he doesn’t feel that from you, he might start to be dismissive of your ideas, opinions, and aspirations, or disengage from conversation with you.

If a Leo man gets bored, he may yearn for a more exciting, mentally stimulating relationship.

9. There is a decline in physical intimacy

Leo is a fire sign, and Leo men are passionate creatures. Physical intimacy in a relationship is very important to them.

If he pulls back in this area of the relationship, it could be a sign that something is very wrong. Leos thrive on connection and affection, and when they’re checked out of a relationship, they simply aren’t interested.

10. He gets angry

Passionate Leo men can become cranky and agitated when they lose patience with the relationship, and it might feel like he’s always picking a fight with you.

Rather than trying to work things our and see your perspective on things, he just lashes out, not interested in fixing the problem. He may even shift the blame onto you for everything.

Leo men can be quick to anger, but usually, they will try and control their temper around the people they care about. If he’s constantly snapping or blowing up at you, this might be a sign that your Leo man is done with you.

11. He flirts with other women

Leos are one of the flirtiest signs of the zodiac (the others being Gemini and Scorpio), and they just love being the centre of attention. Often, when a Leo man has checked out of a relationship, he will look outside of that relationship for that attention.

He’s naturally loud and charismatic, but perhaps you see him turning up the charm even more, or openly flirting with other women.

Will a Leo man cheat?

Not if he’s happy in the relationship. Despite their flirtatious nature, Leo men are very loyal. However, if the relationship isn’t meeting his needs, he may stray.

Check out out post about how to tell when a Leo man is playing you for more information on this!

12. He’s always busy

Leo men love to be busy and are often juggling work, hobbies, social events, and family time, but if he suddenly becomes too busy to spend any time with you, it isn’t a good sign.

There’s a difference between a busy Leo man asking to reschedule your date night for the following evening, but if he keeps cancelling without offering up alternatives, it’s a huge red flag.

Likewise, if he starts making excuses about why he couldn’t text you back or answer your call when he had no issues doing so before, he may just be too busy for you.

How does a Leo end a relationship?

Leo men share a common approach to ending relationships: protecting their egos is a top priority, often leading them to initiate the breakup in order to avoid being dumped.

Known for their honesty, they won’t prolong the inevitable once their emotions shift, so luckily, you won’t have to wait too long for clarity.

When a Leo man is certain about his changed feelings, he’ll candidly communicate this to you without beating around the bush, despite knowing it might cause hurt. While he empathises with your heartbreak, deep down, he believes honesty is paramount.

For him, facing the truth, even if painful, outweighs living in deceit.

How to get a Leo man back

Here at Jezebel By Night, we don’t believe in chasing after people who have decided that they don’t want to be with you.

You deserve somebody who chooses you.

However, if you’re determined to get your Leo man back and make a Leo man miss you, you need to spoil him.

Lavish him with attention and compliments, showing him that you appreciate him and view him as a priority. Stroke that ego!

Leos are also known to be nostalgic, so reminding him of good times together won’t hurt.

When a Leo Man is Done with You | Final Thoughts

Leo men aren’t very good at hiding how they feel, and you can generally find their feelings reflected in their behaviour towards you.

Pulling back and giving you less affection and physical intimacy big warning signs, as is a general lack of engagement in conversations with you, and a shorter temper than usual.

If you see any of these behaviours coming from your Leo man, always try to talk things through.

Leo men are very direct, and don’t respond well to games. If you are blunt about your feelings, chances are, they will be too.



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