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For over two thousand years, the name ‘Jezebel’ has been associated with promiscuity and sin, with the majority of people not knowing that actually, the real Jezebel was a queen.

Jezebel is one of the biggest female villains in the Bible, denounced as a murderer, prostitute, and enemy of God. 

But who was she really?

Well, Jezebel was a foreigner in a strange land, an outspoken woman in a patriarchal society and somebody who refused to denounce her own religion and culture.

While other women of the time acted in absolute submission, Jezebel did not.

Jezebel refused to submit to her enemies and oppressors. She fought fire with fire, shrugged off accusations of whoredom and blasphemy and refused to flee when she knew that she was going to be killed. 

In the moments before she was brutally murdered, Jezebel painted her eyes with kohl and styled her hair, remaining fearless until the very end.

Jezebel represents defiance. 

She represents individuality, fearlessness and independence.

We believe that the world needs more Jezebels. 

Our philosophy


We do not believe that underwear should be plain and purely functional, and we definitely do not believe that lingerie should be purchased to impress anybody else.

We don’t think that you’re a slut if you wear a PVC bodysuit, and we don’t think that you need a man in your life to strut around your apartment in a sensual lace teddy. 

We believe that quality lingerie is the best gift you can give yourself, and that practicality is just the slow death of sensuality.

And what does all this have to do with Jezebel?

Well, like Jezebel, we don’t want you to shy away from bold and provocative choices because you’re scared of what your friends will think.

We don’t want you to spend hours fretting about which items your boyfriend will prefer (who even cares?) and we don’t want you to stay within your comfort zone.

We want you to explore the divine gift that is feminine sexuality, and we want you to push your limits. 

We want you to be a Jezebel.

our products


Jezebel by Night is not just another underwear store. 

If you want white cotton panties then you’re in the wrong place, and if your idea of risque is a red bra then you may want to look away now.

Every single item on this store has been carefully selected according to whether or not it is Jezebel worthy.

Put simply – if it doesn’t make our jaw drop and our eyes widen, it’s out. If the intricacies of it don’t boggle our mind, it’s out. From delicate vintage lace styles to hardcore Dominatrix vibes, we have handpicked the best designs out there, and you can rest assured that you will not be underwhelmed by our selection.


are you a jezebel?

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