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18 Signs She Likes You But is Hiding It

signs she likes you but is hiding it

You’ve met a woman you’re interested in, but her behaviour leaves you puzzled.

One moment, she seems into you; the next, she’s distant or aloof, making it hard to gauge her true feelings.

Mixed signals are a common scenario in relationships, with some preferring to play it safe, and others holding back on revealing their true feelings too soon.

Is she giving you signs she likes you but is hiding it, or is she just not interested?

In this article, I’m going to share some of the lesser-known signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it.

You’ll learn how to interpret these subtle signals, untangling the mystery behind her veiled gestures and helping you discern whether she’s playing it cool, or is just not that into you.

So, if you’re ready to discover the signs she likes you but is hiding it, you’re in the right place.

Signs She Likes You but Is Hiding It

Understanding her behaviour

For many women, keeping emotions tucked away is like a shield, a defence mechanism honed from past experiences.

Fear of facing rejection again or a preference for emotional self-preservation often drives this tendency. It’s like a subtle dance of maintaining control over one’s sentiments, a way of navigating the uncertainties of relationships without showing all their cards upfront.

Some people just like to wait until they know somebody on a deeper level before opening up fully. They want to have an idea of your true intentions and character before they allow themselves to be vulnerable.

This hesitation or reluctance to open up isn’t just about keeping a mysterious allure; it’s often a means of managing the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it all!


how to tell if a girl secretly likes you

How can you tell if a girl likes you but is hiding it?

1. Subtle gestures of interest

Often, a woman’s interest can peek through in subtle, unspoken ways.

Maybe it’s the prolonged eye contact that lingers a tad longer than normal or those seemingly accidental touches that feel more intentional.

These subtle gestures might just be her way of saying, ‘Hey, I’m into you.’

Catch her mirroring your body language? That’s a sly hint that she’s tuned into your wavelength.

It’s like a silent language – small actions that speak volumes about her interest, even if she’s not ready to spell it out in bold letters.

2. She always laughs at your jokes

Is she the first one to laugh at your jokes, even when they aren’t funny?

This is a dead giveaway that she’s into you but trying to hide it – we often can’t suppress our smiles and laughter when we like someone, so if you tell a dad joke and she can’t stop giggling, she just might like you.


signs she likes you but is hiding it

3. She exhibits protective behaviour

Sometimes, a woman’s feelings manifest in protective instincts that sneak beneath the radar.

If she’s subtly watching out for you, she might show concern about your well-being, or step in to offer help where others may not, there might be more to her actions than meets the eye.

It’s those small acts of care and support that reveal her deeper sentiments. She might not say it outright, but her protective nature speaks volumes about her interest in keeping you safe and looked after, even if she keeps a poker face about it.

4. She touches her hair or face when she’s around you

When we like someone, we unconsciously engage in self-grooming behaviours, like fixing our hair, clothes, or touching our faces.

This can indicate that someone is nervous, or that they are subconsciously trying to make themselves more attractive to the other person.

Does she immediately sit up a little straighter or tuck her hair behind her ear when you walk into a room? This could be a sign she likes you but is hiding it.


signs she likes you but is hiding it

5. She is genuinely interested in your life

Ever noticed how she remembers those little details you mentioned weeks ago?

Her genuine curiosity about your life – asking about your hobbies, remembering your favourite book, or checking in on how that project at work went, shows a deeper level of interest. It’s like she’s piecing together the puzzle of your world, wanting to know more than just the surface.

When she shows a keen interest in your life and experiences, it’s a subtle cue that she’s invested in getting to know you beyond the surface level, and her attentive inquiries might just be her way of silently expressing her fondness for you.

6. She avoids eye contact

Do you often catch her staring at you, only to quickly look away when she realises you’ve spotted her?

Once or twice could be an accident, but if this is a regular occurrence, it could definitely show interest on her part.

7. She develops an interest in the things you like

Has she posted an IG story recently showing her playing a game you love on the Ps5, or with a band you love playing in the background?

Maybe she casually keeps namedropping things she knows you’re into, when she never has before.

That’s probably no accident.

When a girl wants to attract a guy, she will often do things like this as a way of showing him that they have things in common, and that she’s ‘cool’ enough to like the same things that he does.

8. Mixed emotions

Ever sensed a tug-of-war in her emotions when she’s around you?

One moment she’s open and engaged, the next she might seem distant or reserved.

Mixed emotions around you could indicate she’s grappling with feelings she’s not entirely ready to unveil, or that she’s in a battle between her head and her heart. It’s like a hidden dialogue playing out beneath the surface, revealing the complexities of her emotions even if she’s not ready to articulate them.

9. She finds reasons to touch you

Does she often touch your arm or your leg when she speaks to you? Perhaps she keeps it more subtle, flicking off a stray hair on your jacket, or piece of cotton on your t-shirt.

This is one of the biggest signs she likes you but is hiding it!

10. She gets jealous

Does she get moody if you talk about another girl, or seem overly interested in females that you’re friends with?

If a girl secretly likes you, she might become possessive without even realising it, reacting negatively to women she perceives to be a threat, wanting you all to herself.

It’s worth mentioning that extreme possessiveness or jealousy is a red flag and you should definitely disengage if her behaviour becomes concerning, but if it’s harmless? Well, she may just be into you.

11. She talks about other guys

Of course, this one depends on the context.

Is she telling you that some guy has broken her heart and she wants him back?

Probably not a sign that she likes you.

However, if she casually drops into conversation that a guy was hitting on her, or that lots of guys are sliding into her DMs, she might be trying to make you jealous, or position herself as a high value woman that is desired by other men.

12. She knows things about you that you haven’t told her

Has she ever given away that she’s been spying on your Instagram page?

Maybe she mentions something about the holiday to Turkey you took in 2019, or she somehow knows you have an older brother?

When a girl likes you but is hiding it, she will often scroll way too far back on your social media pages, often forgetting what she’s ‘supposed’ to know, and what she’s found out by digging.

13. She gives you her full attention when you’re together

Ever notice how, when you’re talking to someone you’re not that interested in, you may be checking your phone or looking at what’s going on around you?

If you’re wondering how to tell if a girl secretly likes you, pay attention to what she’s doing when the two of you are in conversation.

If she likes you, she will likely give you her full attention, even if she was in the middle of something before you approached her.

14. She confides in you when she’s sad

When a girl consistently turns to you during her moments of distress or when life hits a rough patch, it’s a sign she feels safe opening up and seeking your support. This is more than just seeking comfort; it’s a silent acknowledgment that she trusts you with her vulnerabilities.

When we care about someone, they become our go-to, especially during tough times.

When a girl likes you, she may want to test how supportive you are, and whether you really care about how she feels.

Of course, this may just mean that she sees you as a good friend, but if the two of you aren’t particularly close, it could mean something more.

15. She makes her single status clear

Does she joke about spending Valentine’s Day with the girls, or complain that all her friends are in relationships and she’s the only single one?

If she is constantly referencing the fact that she is single, it could be that she wants you to know that she is available!

16. She talks about you to her friends

Do her friends all seem to know your name, even though you’ve just met? Do they ask you what you think about her, or reveal that she’s been talking about you to them?

If her friends seem to be super interested in you, and you catch them exchanging knowing smirks when they think you aren’t looking, this could be a sign that she secretly likes you.


signs she likes you but is hiding it

17. She ‘jokes’ about you being a couple

Does she ever make ‘jokes’ about the two of you being a couple, or ask questions like ‘what would your family think of me?’

Maybe she likes to talk about hypothetical scenarios, like where the two of you would live together, or who would wear the trousers in the relationship…all as a joke, of course!

If a girl isn’t interested, there’s no way that she would make these kind of jokes, because she wouldn’t want you getting the wrong idea.

18. She fishes for compliments

Does she ask whether you like her hair, or her outfit, or whether you think she looks good overall?

Perhaps she’s more subtle, making self-deprecating comments in the hope that you’ll respond with ‘no way, you’re beautiful!’ or something similar.

Whatever the case, if a girl is fishing for compliments or outright asking you for them, she probably likes you.

Signs She Likes You but Is Hiding It | Final Thoughts

When it comes to deciphering someone’s hidden feelings, it’s important to navigate with both patience and empathy.

Just because a woman displays one or two of the behaviours listed in this post, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s into you.

She could just be a friendly person, or feel comfortable in your presence.

While these signs might hint at concealed feelings, they don’t paint the full picture, and every individual expresses themselves differently.

With that being said, if she ticks almost every box on this list, I think it’s pretty fair to say that she likes you!

The only way to find out for sure is to just bite the bullet and ask her out!

Say ‘Hey, I really like you and would love to get to know you as more than a friend. Want to go out sometime?’ and see what she says.

The worst that can happen is that she says no, but at least you’ll know where you stand, and can move your focus to somebody who might reciprocate your feelings!

The main takeaway here is that sometimes, the most beautiful connections take time to unravel. Keep an open heart, embrace the complexities, and let genuine connections flourish, whether they’re revealed in subtle hints or bold declarations.