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15 Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy, and How to Fix Them!

signs of blocked feminine energy

Energy balance plays a crucial role in our overall well-being.

One aspect of this balance is the relationship between our masculine and feminine energies.

Everybody has both masculine and feminine energy inside of them, but in order to us to be the best version of ourselves, it’s important that these competing energies are balanced.

Recently, I’ve noticed that I have blocked feminine energy, and I’ve been wondering how do I tap back into my feminine energy?

As women, we often find ourselves competing with men, desperate to prove that we are just as capable as they are, and in doing so, we often lean in to our masculine energy, and neglecting the divine feminine energy that contributes to a harmonious and well-aligned inner state.

In this article, we’re going to explore the concept of blocked feminine energy.

We’re going to look at what causes wounded feminine energy, we’re going to discover 17 key signs of blocked feminine energy, and then we’re going to learn how to heal wounded feminine energy and reclaim our divine powers.


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15 Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy & Ways to Heal

What is Feminine Energy?

One of the most well-known and oldest archetypes in the world is the balance between masculine and feminine energies. Many cultures believe that there should be a balance between the masculine and feminine energy (much like yin and yang!).

While masculine energy is associated with being assertive, logical, goal-orientated, and protective, feminine energy is all about intuition, creativity, growth, nurturing, and simply being.

Feminine energy is about being present and receptive, compared to masculine energy which is more about taking action and getting things done.

Think of your feminine energy as the part of you that dreams big, goes with the flow, and has a wild vision for the future. Your feminine energy is the part of you that understands your dreams, and your masculine side is what makes them happen.

The key to inner harmony is having a healthy balance of these two forces within yourself.

If this balance gets skewed, you may feel like you’re out of sync, or that something isn’t quite right. If your feminine energy is suffering, we call it wounded or blocked feminine energy.

What is wounded feminine energy?

Wounded feminine energy is the result of your masculine and feminine sides becoming imbalanced.

Many women (myself included) have learned to repress our divine feminine energy, and rely on our masculine energy to get us ahead in life.

When we neglect our feminine energy, we might struggle to connect with our intuition or creativity. Practicing self-care can become a challenge, replaced by a constant need to be in control and make things happen through logic alone. Vulnerability suddenly feels like a threat, making it difficult to express our emotions or show our softer side.

Often, we’ve been repressing our feminine energy for so long that we don’t even recognise the signs of blocked feminine energy within ourselves.


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What causes wounded feminine energy?

But why is my feminine energy blocked?

If you’re wondering what causes a lack of feminine energy, you’re not alone.

The answer is that it’s different for everyone. For some people, societal norms have resulted in them repressing their feminine energy, while for others, wounded feminine energy could be the result of trauma and feeling unsafe while in your feminine.

Patriarchal systems, negative self-talk, interpersonal relationships, childhood abuse, and cultural expectations can all affect our divine feminine energy.

Being in environments where showing vulnerability or expressing emotion is considered weak can have a devastating effect on our feminine energy, and societies that value traditionally masculine traits can also contribute to blocked feminine energy.


15 Signs of Blocked Feminine Energy

So, how do you know if your energy is blocked, what does blocked energy feel like?

There are many signs your feminine energy is blocked, some of which you may have been experiencing for so long that you don’t even notice anymore!

While I was doing the research into symptoms of wounded feminine energy, I was shocked at how many I could relate to – many of them are things that I’ve carried around for so long, I just assumed that they were a part of who I was!

After months of reading self-help books, scouring the web, listening to the podcasts, and spending way too much time on spiritual TikTok, I’ve got a pretty good grasp on the major signs of wounded feminine energy.

Here are the most common signs of blocked feminine energy.

1. Most of your friends are men

While having strong male friendships is great, an imbalance where most of your close friends are men could be a sign of blocked feminine energy.

This might indicate a subconscious discomfort with connecting on a deeper emotional level, which is a key aspect of feminine energy.

It’s not about replacing your male friends, but rather opening yourself up to fostering friendships with empowered women who can provide a space for emotional vulnerability and shared experiences.

2. Emotional imbalance

Feminine energy is linked to emotional intelligence and intuition, and when it’s blocked, you may have difficulty managing your emotions, or feeling out of touch with them altogether.

You might experience frequent mood swings, struggle to express your feelings healthily, or feel numb and disconnected from your emotional core.

Periods of sadness, anxiety, and anger are all common occurrences when your feminine energy is blocked.

3. Lack of creativity

Creativity is a vibrant expression of divine feminine energy.

If you find yourself feeling uninspired, lacking the spark to explore new ideas, or struggling to finish creative projects, it could be a sign of a blockage.

Lacking creativity doesn’t just refer to producing art. Creativity is also the force behind our dreams, and you may find yourself feeling unmotivated or apathetic about life and what the future holds.

To reignite your creativity, try some activities that are designed to tap into your creative flow such as journaling, doodling, or even trying a new recipe.

4. Difficulty forming and maintaining relationships

Earlier in the article, we talked about how wounded feminine energy can manifest in having an emotional imbalance.

As well as hurting you, this imbalance can also make it challenging to understand and respond to the emotions of others, leading to difficulties in relationships.

When your feminine energy is flowing freely, you tend to be nurturing, empathetic, and create connections easily. However, a blockage can make it difficult to build trust and intimacy with others.

Some of the signs of blocked feminine energy in a relationship include finding it hard to open up emotionally, express your needs effectively, or navigate conflict in a healthy way. Relationships can also feel superficial, never progressing to the deeper level required for a close bond with another person.

Not surprisingly, this can lead to difficulties forming new relationships or maintaining existing ones.

5. Lack of flow

A major sign that you’re experiencing blocked feminine energy is feeling stuck and unable to be flexible and spontaneous.

Feminine energy is adaptive and intuitive by nature, and when it’s flowing, you can navigate life’s ups and downs with a sense of ease, going with the flow when needed and adapting to changing circumstances.

However, a blockage can make you feel rigid and stuck in your routines. You might resist spontaneity, struggle to say ‘yes’ to new opportunities, and find it difficult to adjust to unexpected situations.

This lack of flow can leave you feeling frustrated and out of sync with the natural rhythm of life.

6. Inability to express your authentic self

Here we have the core of feminine energy – authenticity and vulnerability.

When your divine feminine energy is flowing freely, you feel comfortable expressing your true self, flaws and all. You can be open about your emotions, share your dreams and desires, and connect with others on a deeper level.

However, wounded feminine energy can result in you building walls around yourself and experiencing major self-doubt. You might struggle to show your true feelings, fearing rejection or judgment.

This can make it difficult to form genuine connections and experience true intimacy in your relationships.

7. Difficulty receiving love and support

One of the biggest signs of blocked feminine energy is an imbalance in the receptive nature of that energy.

Feminine energy thrives on receiving love, affection, and support from others. It allows you to be open to acts of kindness, feel comfortable asking for help when needed, and trust the generosity of others.

However, a blockage can make it difficult to accept love and support. You might subconsciously push away compliments or reject attempts at help, feeling a need to be self-sufficient to the point of isolation.

This can leave you feeling emotionally drained, unworthy, and disconnected from the love and support that’s readily available to you.

8. Difficulty setting boundaries

Feminine energy isn’t just about receiving; it’s also about healthy self-care and knowing your limits.

When your feminine energy is flowing freely, you’re able to set clear boundaries in your relationships and life. This allows you to protect your emotional and physical well-being, prioritise your needs, and say ‘no’ when necessary.

However, when your feminine energy is blocked, you might find it difficult to establish and maintain boundaries. You might find yourself constantly saying ‘yes’ even when you’re overwhelmed, struggle to communicate your needs assertively, or feel guilty about taking time for yourself.

This can lead to resentment, burnout, and difficulty maintaining healthy relationships.

9. You have stopped taking care of yourself

Feminine energy is deeply connected to self-care.

When it’s flowing freely, you naturally prioritise activities that nourish your body, mind, and spirit. This might include getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, engaging in relaxing hobbies, or spending time in nature.

However, if you’re suffering from wounded feminine energy, you could start neglecting your own needs. You might find yourself skipping meals, or pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion.

This can leave you feeling depleted, stressed, and out of touch with your inner well-being.

10. You think you can do it all

Feminine energy embraces receptivity and collaboration, while masculine energy leans towards action and control.

When your feminine energy is blocked, you might find it difficult to give up control, convincing yourself that you don’t need any help and can do it all alone.

You might struggle to delegate tasks, constantly feel the need to be in charge, and have difficulty accepting help from others.

This constant need for control can lead to exhaustion and burn out. It’s about finding a healthy balance between taking initiative and allowing yourself to receive support.

11. You see femininity as weak

A common misconception about feminine energy is that it’s weak, submissive, overly emotional, but that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Instead, feminine energy is all about intuition, creativity, and vulnerability.

When your feminine energy is blocked, you might view these qualities as weaknesses or something to be suppressed. You might start to feel uncomfortable expressing your emotions openly, dismiss your intuition as irrational, or judge others who embody strong feminine traits.

You’ll feel more comfortable acting masculine, believing that your tough outer shell is protecting you. In actuality, it’s the feminine energy that provides the tools that will protect you on a much deeper level.

12. Your intuition is off

Intuition, that gut feeling, is a strong current within feminine energy. When you’re tapped into your feminine energy, you can trust your intuition to guide you in making decisions or navigate situations. It’s like having a built-in compass that helps you sense what feels right.

However, when your feminine energy is wounded, you might second-guess your instincts, make decisions based solely on logic, or miss opportunities that your gut feeling could have nudged you towards.

By reconnecting with your intuition and learning to trust its whispers, you can tap into a powerful source of inner wisdom.

13. You feel the need to prove yourself

One of the surefire signs of blocked feminine energy is a constant need for external validation in order to compensate for the insecurities you’re feeling inside.

Feminine energy thrives on self-acceptance and inner confidence, and your sense of worth coming from within.

Having a damaged feminine energy can lead to a constant need to prove your value to others. You might constantly seek recognition for your achievements or feel driven to outperform others.

This relentless pursuit of external validation can leave you feeling exhausted, disconnected from your true self, and ultimately unfulfilled.

14. You’re always switched on

Masculine energy means getting things done, whatever the cost.

Feminine energy, on the other hand, is connected to a sense of flow, allowing you time to recharge and de-stress. If you’re feminine energy is blocked, you may put pressure on yourself to be constantly switched on, which can lead to excess stress, chronic fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and a general feeling of being overwhelmed by the most minor tasks.

It’s like your internal battery is perpetually drained because you’re unable to access the rest and rejuvenation that comes with embracing the receptive and restorative aspects of feminine energy.

15. You don’t feel sensual

Feminine energy is deeply connected to sensuality, not only in a sexual way, but in a way that embraces pleasure and connection with all your senses.

Sensuality is all about appreciating beauty, indulging in sensory experiences, and feeling comfortable in your own skin.

A sign of wounded feminine energy is when you experience a disconnect from your sensuality. You may feel uncomfortable with pleasure, struggle to feel desire, and find it hard to fully connect with your senses.


How to Heal Wounded Feminine Energy

So, ‘how can I revive my repressed feminine energy?’ I hear you ask.

If you’re wondering how to unblock feminine energy, you’re not alone.

While healing wounded feminine energy is a deeply personal and unique experience to every individual, there are certainly some things you can do to start the process.

First, you need to take a LONG look in the mirror and be honest about what you see. Question what your limiting beliefs about femininity are, and ask yourself where they came from.

You could start meditating or journaling in order to reconnect with your mind, and practice yoga or dance to do the same for your body.

Start making self-care a priority, and make it your mission to receive things  gracefully, whether it’s allowing someone to help you out at work, or accepting a compliment with a smile.

Start setting (and enforcing!) boundaries with people, and practice trusting your gut. The more you do it, the easier it becomes!


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What are the signs that the divine feminine is healing?

How do you know when your feminine energy is healing?

Here are some signs that your divine feminine energy is healing and coming back into balance:

  • Enhanced intuition and creativity: You might feel a renewed connection to your gut feelings and inner wisdom. Ideas flow more easily, and you find yourself drawn to creative outlets that allow you to express yourself freely.

  • Deeper connections: You experience a greater capacity for intimacy and emotional vulnerability in your relationships. Communication feels more open and honest, and you feel comfortable sharing your true self with others.

  • Healthy boundaries: You’re able to set and maintain healthy boundaries in your life, saying ‘no’ when needed and prioritising your own well-being without guilt.

  • Self-acceptance and confidence: Your sense of worth comes from within, not from external validation. You feel comfortable in your own skin and confident in your abilities.

  • Embracing sensuality: You reconnect with your sensuality, appreciating beauty and pleasure through your senses.

  • Flow and ease: You feel a sense of flow and ease in your life, able to navigate challenges and opportunities with greater grace and resilience. You’re less stressed and more accepting of life’s ups and downs.

  • Increased compassion: You feel a greater sense of compassion for yourself and others. You’re more receptive to nurturing yourself and offering support to those around you.

  • Enjoyment of simple pleasures: You find joy in the little things, appreciating the beauty and wonder in everyday experiences.

  • Inner peace: As your feminine energy heals, you experience a greater sense of inner peace and harmony. You feel more connected to yourself and the world around you.

It’s important to remember that healing is a journey, not a destination.

You might not experience all these signs at once, and there may be setbacks along the way.

However, by continuing to practice self-care, explore your creativity, and embrace your intuition, you’ll be well on your way to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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Blocked Feminine Energy | Final Thoughts

Understanding the signs of blocked feminine energy can be a powerful tool for self-discovery and growth.

By reconnecting with your intuition, creativity, and nurturing side, you can unlock a greater sense of well-being, flow, and connection in your life. Embrace the practices that resonate with you, celebrate your progress, and trust your inner wisdom to guide you on the path to a more balanced and fulfilling expression of your whole self.