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15 Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring

signs he bought an engagement ring

Waiting for that special moment of a proposal from your boyfriend can be an exhilarating mix of excitement, anticipation, and perhaps a touch of nervousness.

You might find yourself analysing every subtle action or conversation, trying to figure out if your partner has taken the monumental step of purchasing an engagement ring.

While nothing beats the surprise and magic of an unexpected proposal, it’s natural to become a bit of a detective, picking up on potential clues that might indicate a proposal is on the horizon. After all, the excitement makes it even more special!

With this in mind, I’ve created a list of 15 tell-tale signs he bought an engagement ring.

From subtle shifts in behaviour to unexpected inquiries and secretive actions, there are definitely some key things to look out for that will let you know if your man is planning a proposal.

Keep in mind, though, that every relationship is unique, and while these signs might add to the anticipation, the most unforgettable proposals often come as complete surprises!

Now, with all that being said, it’s time to dive into these hints that might just reveal if your partner has indeed taken that significant step towards forever.

Here are 15 signs he bought an engagement ring!


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15 Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring


1. He’s acting strange

Is he acting differently, but you can’t quite put your finger on how, or why?

He might be planning a proposal! Even the best secret-keepers can’t act totally normal when they’re looking at rings and planning how they’re going to propose, and it’s likely that your man is no different.

A mixture of nervous excitement and being more elusive than usual could mean he’s thinking about proposing, especially if it’s something you’ve discussed recently.

2. Subtle inquiries

Asking about your ring size is an obvious one, but a more subtle sign that he’s thinking about buying a ring could be questions about what kind of jewellery you like.

For example, do you prefer gold, or silver? Do you like diamonds, or another kind of stone? Do you like dazzling bling or Art Nouveau antiques?

These questions might seem innocent, but they could hint at covert research for the perfect ring.

3. Unusual financial behaviour

Is he suddenly becoming very frugal and budget-conscious, when he wasn’t before?

If you’re not saving for a house or expensive vacation, this could be a giveaway that he’s budgeting for another significant purchase, like an engagement ring!

4. Heightened nervousness

Does he seem unusually nervous or fidgety around certain topics, like marriage, or commitment?

He could be paranoid that you’re onto him, or feeling the pressure of planning the perfect proposal. If he seems shifty around seemingly innocuous discussions, take note!

5. Cryptic conversations

Overheard snippets of cryptic phone conversations or hushed discussions with friends could indicate secretive planning.

We aren’t talking about illicit phone calls with another woman here. We’re talking about being in cahoots with your parents, or BFFs, or his own friends.

They might start having more private conversations with your close friends, potentially seeking advice or asking for their help planning a surprise.

If this becomes noticeable, it could be a sign that he’s bought a ring (or is planning to buy one).

6. Increased attention to detail

Suddenly becoming extra attentive to your preferences might suggest a pending proposal. We already discussed his sudden interest in what kind of jewellery you like, but he may also start asking about which restaurants you find the most romantic, or what kind of dates mean the most to you.

7. Surprising interest in jewellery

Maybe he’s developed a sudden interest in jewellery stores, been staring into jewellery shop windows as you walk past, or his web browser seems to think he wants advertisements for wedding rings (a major giveaway!).

Whatever it is, these are some clear signs that he’s gearing up for a marriage proposal, so pay close attention to where his focus is when you’re in your local shopping mall.

8. Hasty screen closures

Quick tab-closing on his laptop or suddenly hiding his phone screen when you’re around might indicate they’re keeping ring-related details under wraps.

He may also have started going on the computer late at night, when you’re in bed, or coming up with weird excuses to be on the laptop when you’re in another room.

Of course, this could also be a sign of something more nefarious, like an affair, but you can rest assured that a fierce protectiveness over his phone is a big sign that he bought an engagement ring.

If your proposal is imminent, there may be other items that he keeps a very close eye on. For example, the day that my friend was proposed to, her partner went into the bathroom with his rucksack – if that doesn’t look suspicious, I don’t know what does!

9. Excitement they can’t hide

Despite trying to play it cool, a subtle sparkle in his eye or an uncontainable excitement about the future might slip through.

If you quiz him, he’ll pretend that everything is normal, but that spring in his step will remain.

10. Family and friends acting odd

Watch out for friends or family members acting strangely, especially if they suddenly become overly inquisitive about your future plans or relationship timeline!

People close to us sometimes can’t resist fishing for details about if we see ourselves getting married anytime soon or whether we’d say yes to a proposal!


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11. Increased sentimentality

One sign that he bought a ring is that he starts acting more nostalgic or sentimental about your relationship, reminiscing about special moments you’ve shared.

He might fondly mention how you first met, or where you had your first date, or surprise you with unexpected gifts or gestures that seem more significant than usual, indicating a celebratory mood.

An increase in affection is also common when a guy is planning to propose.

12. Heightened interest in future plans

When a man has committed, discussions about the future might become more frequent, with an emphasis on long-term commitments and life goals.

He will often talk about your future life together as though it’s a given, using the word ‘we‘ more often than ‘I,‘ and he may even show some signs of emotional vulnerability as he’s preparing for such a big step.

13. Subtle ring-related comments

Has he started making passing remarks about other women’s engagement rings or proposals in general, when he’s never seemed to care about such things before?

Usually, when we’re planning something big, we can’t help but talk about it as it’s taking up so much space in our mind.

He probably isn’t even conscious of it, but he may well be talking about engagement and marriage more than he realises!

14. Secretive excursions

Sudden solo trips or outings without a clear explanation might actually be ring-related reconnaissance missions.

If he suddenly seems to vanish without explanation, or makes a weird reason for going into town (and why you can’t go with him), he may well be on a mission to buy a ring.

15. Making plans for a trip

Is he planning an extravagant date to somewhere that holds a special meaning for you both, or has he booked a weekend away to a romantic destination?

Of course, he might be someone who often does things like this, but if he isn’t, you may want to pay closer attention.

If the trip falls on on your birthday or anniversary, try to gauge whether he seems overly nervous.

After all, you wouldn’t usually be nervous arranging a birthday meal for someone, but you might if you knew you were getting ready to propose!


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Signs He Bought an Engagement Ring | Final Thoughts

Remember, these signs are just a fun way to speculate.

Every relationship is unique, just as every person is, and the most magical proposals often come as complete surprises, with him getting down on one knee when you least expect it!

The worst thing you can do is to get too caught up in trying to decode his every move; cherish the excitement of what’s to come!

The main takeaway from this article is that you should stay patient, stay excited, and most importantly, enjoy every moment together.

Until next time!