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The Best DDlg Rules for Littles

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re in a DDlg relationship and are looking for some fun DDlg rules to add to your Caregiver/little dynamic.

Perhaps you are a Daddy Dom or Mommy Dom who is wondering what DDlg rules to set for your little, or maybe you’re a little who is curious about having a little more structure.

Whatever the case, DDlg rules are not only super important in any DDlg relationship, but they’re also super important to get right. 

Not doing enough research or communicating properly before you implement rules in a DDlg relationship can lead to unhappy littles, and, in some cases, abuses of power.

So, to find out what makes a good set of DDlg rules, what kinds of DDlg rules to avoid and get plenty of ideas about specific rules you can introduce to your relationship today, just keep reading.

The Best DDlg Rules for Littles

What is DDlg?

Before we begin, it is important to define exactly what DDlg is, as well as some common phrases and acronyms associated with the DDlg scene.

DDlg is an acronym that stands for ‘Daddy Dom, Little Girl’ and it describes a type of BDSM relationship that is becoming increasingly common.

In a DDLG relationship, the dominant partner takes on the role of either a nurturing or strict caregiver (hence, ‘Daddy Dom’), with the submissive partner taking on the role of a youthful ‘little girl.’

The Dominant/submissive dynamic is evident in the capitalisation of ‘DD’ but not ‘lg,’ just like how ‘D/s’ is often used to represent ‘Dominant/submissive.’

Something to note before we go any further is that DDlg has nothing to do with incest or paedophilia.

DDlg describes kinky age-play/role-play between two consenting adults and people in DDlg relationships are not paedophiles, nor are they trying to act out any paedophilic fantasies.

To many, hearing the terms ‘Daddy’ and ‘little girl’ in a sexual context are icky, but just because you don’t like something, doesn’t make it wrong or shameful.

To learn more about DDlg relationships in general, you can read our guide here.


Useful Acronyms

DDlg stands for ‘Daddy Dom, little girl,’ which seems to represent a cisgender, heterosexual couple.

However, DDlg is for all, not just cishet couples, and there are several terms and acronyms that make the scene more inclusive.

Here are some phrases and acronyms that you will need to know if you want to have any understanding whatsoever of the DDlg world:

  • MDlg – Mommy Domme, little girl
  • DDlb – Daddy Dom, little boy
  • TMlb – Trans Mommy, little boy
  • CGl – Caregiver, little
  • ABDL – Adult Baby, Diaper Lover (read more about ABDL here)
  • Little Space – describes the mindset the little is in when they think and act younger than they are
  • Little – somebody who pretends to be younger than they are, usually submissive
  • Dom/Domme – somebody who takes the dominant role in the relationship
  • D/s – Dominant/submissive
  • Princess – common nickname given to littles
  • Baby girl – another common nickname given to littles

Why DDlg Rules Are Important

All DDlg relationships require some kind of power exchange, and setting DDlg rules is a fun way of introducing that power dynamic into your relationship.

In enforcing the rules, the Daddy (or Mommy, or whoever) takes on the dominant role in the relationship, little takes on the submissive role.

In this way, DDlg relationships are a lot like BDSM relationships, only DDlg relationships tend to look a lot ‘softer’ and more gentle.

By appearing to give up the control (a sub never truly gives up control as they can stop at any time), the sub can relax into their childlike role and enjoy being in ‘little space,’ without having to worry about ‘real life.’

Littles enjoy having rules due to the safety and structure that they provide, and the feeling that somebody is looking after them and making sure they don’t hurt themselves or get into trouble.

They also have fun bending and even breaking the rules sometimes 😉

What Makes a Good Set of DDlg Rules?

It might surprise you to know that there are both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ DDlg rules out there, and while everyone is different, some rules are just bad, period.

For example, bad DDlg rules can verge on coercive control and even abuse sometimes.

As a general guide, any rule that requires the little to maintain a certain body weight, get permission to speak to their friends and family, prevents them from voicing their concerns or requires them to engage in sexual acts that they are not comfortable with is a ‘bad’ rule, while rules that are designed to help the little are considered ‘good’ rules.

A good DDlg rule should always help the little, and not add extra stress to their life.

Both parties should be fully onboard with all rules prior to their implementation, and any new rules should always be discussed and consented to in a vanilla setting (not while in little space/the D/s dynamic).

Safewords and limits always apply, and even if a little had agreed to a certain rule, s/he can always withdraw consent at any time by using an agreed-upon safeword.

Good DDlg rules should be based on safety, aim to provide structure for the little, aim to nurture the dynamic between the Caregiver/little, and even help the little to achieve their goals (these goal-orientated rules should be set by the little).

If you’re unsure of anything, there’s no rush.

You can always start small, with just a couple of rules, and add more as you go along.

Lastly, remember that every single little is different, and every DDlg relationship is unique.

Every baby girl or princess has her own preferences, needs and personality, and just because you read about some cool rule online, doesn’t mean your little automatically has to be onboard with it.

Here are some ideas for DDlg rules that can be used when your little is in little space, or more generally in your relationship.

Feel free to show this list to your Caregiver/little, and use it as a starting point for your discussion.




The Best DDlg Rules for Littles

  1. Set a strict bedtime and/or naptime. If the little isn’t in bed by her set bedtime, punish her.
  2. No secrets or white lies – your little has to trust you, her Daddy, to look out for her and protect her and you can’t do that if she withholds information from you.
  3. Always make the bed.
  4. Daddy will choose his little’s outfits each day. If you are not together, she will send you pictures of your top 3 picks and you will choose the one you like the best.
  5. The little can always use her safeword without fear of judgement or repurcussions
  6. The little must always do as she is told.
  7. When Daddy says no, he means no.
  8. Baby girl is permitted to speak her mind and make suggestions about the rules but not to whine about them or be bratty.
  9. Baby girl must get permission to smoke, eat sweets and drink alcohol.
  10. She must place her total trust in the hands of her Caregiver and he will not abuse that trust.
  11. Your little must follow a strict schedule and carry out all of her chores before she is allowed play time or treats.
  12. Your little will address you by an agreed-upon term such as Daddy, Papa etc.
  13. She must ask permission before going out, especially if late at night.
  14. She must always text or call you when she arrives home or reaches her destination, so you know she is safe.
  15. She must always be well-mannered and polite.
  16. No curse words!
  17. She must hold your hand when crossing the street.
  18. She must wear a diaper to bed.
  19. She must sleep with a teddy bear.
  20. She must suck on a pacifier whilst watching TV.
  21. No treats unless she finishes her dinner.
  22. Your little must always send you a good morning and goodnight text.

A Note on Punishment

When it comes to DDlg rules, dishing out punishment when it’s due is essential – how else will your little learn how to behave herself?

Besides, it isn’t unusual for naughty littles to break the rules specifically because they want to be punished.

When it comes to the type of punishment you inflict, you should consider how many times the rule has been broken, how severely it has been broken, and how stubborn your little is.

Fun and effective DDlg punishments can include spanking, flogging, standing in the corner, writing lines or doing chores they don’t like.

As with everything else, these punishments should all be discussed and consented to prior to being handed out.

Rules for the Caregiver

When it comes to rules for the Daddy Dom/Mommy Domme, they don’t look the same as the rules the little has to follow, but there should still be rules in place to ensure safety at all times.

A caregiver should always abide by the following rules:

  1. Don’t abuse the trust placed in you in any way
  2. Know that outside of the D/s dynamic, your partner and yourself are equals.
  3. You must always respect your little.
  4. You must not lie or conceal anything of importance from your little.
  5. You will not physically, mentally or financially abuse her in any non-consensual way.

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DDlg Rules | Final Thoughts

I hope that this introduction to DDlg rules has given you some insight and inspiration when it comes to the DDlg lifestyle and some fun rules that you can introduce to your relationship.

Every relationship is different, and that includes DDlg relationships, but hopefully you’ll both be able to find some common ground and have fun exploring this new dynamic within your relationship!



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